October 27, 2010
Be Well / beauty / Steel Magnolias by Jenn Mann

Steel Magnolias by Jenn Mann

Share Your Shoreline Secrets contest:
First Prize – $50 Gift Certificate to Liv’s Oyster Bar
I hesitate to share such a self-serving secret but I will. Remember the hair salon/ trailer in Steel Magnolias? A bastion of beauty in unassuming (to say the least) environs? Margo’s in Chester is it. I have colored my hair in NYC, Boston, Greenwich, blah blah blah, but nothing will tear me from Jeannie’s hands at Margo’s. Color, color, color! I refuse to be a brunette and only Jeannie stands between me and nature. The price is great. The music is awful. The settings are a 50’s flashback from whence Dolly Parton trailing wax could emerge at any moment. You will be so surprised. Just don’t take my chair……
Margo’s Beauty Center, 91 Middlesex Ave., Chester   860.526.5464
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Margo’s Beauty Center

91 Middlesex Avenue
Chester, Connecticut 06412


From Margo’s Beauty Center

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Liv’s Oyster Bar

166 Main Street
Old Saybrook, Connecticut 06475


From Liv’s Oyster Bar

The Brescio’s have created an atmosphere of delicious warmth. Dining at Liv’s, whether in the main room, at the bar, or on the patio, is to be part of a family.

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Liv’s Oyster Bar »

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