March 16, 2011
Newsletters / March 16, 2011

March 16, 2011

Seems like last week that we were riveted to the tube, viewing the rubble that once was Haiti. Not so very long before that, Katrina swallowed New Orleans. And now the one/two/three punch of earthquake/tsunami and imminent nuclear crisis in Japan. Is it just me, or are massive natural disasters becoming a common occurence? Yet again, I can’t  tear myself away from the myriad amateur videos: the forty foot wave roaring into villages like the worst sort of horror movie. And wondering HOW the residents have the presence of mind to film the utter destruction of their world. Heartwrenching and mindboggling. It’s hard to write about food and flowers on weeks like this, but it reminds me to appreciate the everyday stuff that I take so for granted.
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