May 11, 2011
Newsletters / May 11, 2011

May 11, 2011

Last Thursday night, a busload of gleeful ladies took off for New Haven. What’s better than a night in the city? There was live music in the streets and events ranging from chair massage to eye-brow threading in the shops (I chickened out, but a few of us gave it a go). We dropped plenty of dough and had an extraordinary dinner at Heirloom (oh, that Spring pea guacamole!) before heading back to reality. What a night! Keep an eye out for future New Haven shopping events at
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Heirloom at the Study

1157 Chapel St.
New Haven, Connecticut 06511


From Heirloom at the Study

Heirloom is located inside the Study at Yale on Chapel Street at the heart of Yale University Campus. Heirloom utilizes heritage growers and neighboring artisan suppliers of Connecticut and New England for Chef Carey Savona’s Coastal Farm cooking.

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