May 4, 2011
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Many, many years ago when everyone and everything gave off the unmistakable aroma of Patchouli, I hated it. Nowadays, I love a whiff of the nostalgic hippy scent. Brings me right back to my Harvard Square roots. That’s why I kept reaching for another sniff of Plum Island Soap Company’s Unruly Patchouli shower gel (a more mainstream Pink Grapefruit is delicious, too) at the adorable Posh, around the corner from Webster Road at 11A Cottrell Street. A tight selection of unusual and mainly New England-based, organic bath and body products are packed on the shelves. Stuff I loved? Body System’s light and well priced (at $25) scents, and their Wasabi Hangover Bath Treatment (apparently also relieves jet lag, food over-consumption and the flu!). You might consider eating it instead of bathing in it—the ingredients list is yummy: english mustard, ginger root powder, rosemary and peppermint. A seductive stop on a Mother’s Day outing.

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11A Cottrell St.
Mystic, Connecticut 06355


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