March 7, 2012
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Chef Kimberly


This business is no longer open.

Invite Chef Kim to your kitchen for a cooking party. Ten to twelve budding chefs  will learn to cook a signature Chef Kim sweet: choose from chocolate souffle, apple Tart Tatin, whoopie pies, peanut butter and jelly cake or (my favorite) vanilla ice cream “spaghetti,” topped with strawberry “tomato sauce” and served with butter pound cake “garlic bread”.

The birthday girl or boy chooses the menu, mom and dad are provided with an ingredient shopping list and Chef Kim does the rest. Cost is $175 for up to 12 children and for a small additional fee, Kim can provide aprons and chef caps for party favors. Tested out by e-list team member, Pam and her daughter, this party was a huge hit.

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