September 11, 2013
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It drives me crazy when people say things happen for a reason. In my world, things happen randomly. Take the TV, for example. There was no good reason that it just stopped working. It’s not a new TV, but not so old, and certainly if my grandparent’s TV lasted fifty years, ours could make it to ten? We turned it on and nothing happened. We pushed various buttons, plugged and unplugged a few cords. Still nothing. No TV for us!

The very next day, The CT River Concierge emailed me for info about the-e-list. You know my rule by now: I try products and services out before putting them on the list. So this guy says he can do just about anything. I thought, hey, come fix my TV! That’s as good a test as any. Which he did, in about five minutes. Christopher at CT River Concierge and his team provide fall cleanups, dog walking, summer house closings, and lots more stuff you can’t or won’t do.


See a menu of services Questions? EmailChristopher at

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