September 18, 2013
Newsletters / September 18, 2013

September 18, 2013

My friend Lisa always says, “it’s day one, AGAIN” as we laugh over our ongoing (and repetitive) diet attempts. Day One for me is every Monday, and I keep to a healthy, clean diet through Thursday, then throw caution to the wind on the weekends. I haven’t lost any weight on this program, four days on three days off, but it keeps me from packing on more!
This summer I had a little too much fun feasting on fromage and foie gras in Paris (if you missed the Paris list, click here). I needed a diet with better results than my incessant calorie counting. Perusing the diet books at RJ Julia, I came across The Fast Diet and thought I’d give it a go. And, no, you don’t actually fast. The basic premise is you eat 500 calories (600 for men) two days a week and go back to regular (albeit sane) eating the other five. It’s meant to lower blood pressure, improve cholesterol and increase longevity. We’ll see about that. The results? I’m loving it!
It’s easy, empowering (I can do anything for ONE day!), and it works! I’ve lost about five pounds in three weeks, without paying too much attention, exactly what I gained in Paris. My system? A greek yogurt around 10am and a big bowl of soup for early dinner plus a salad or veggies. This Butternut Squash soup, clocking in at under 200 calories, is a lifesaver. Watch a short how-to video about the diet here.
Here are some tips if you need to get back on track this fall.
love, erica
p.s. Did you know four out of ten dieters start their diets on Monday and quit by Friday?
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