September 18, 2013
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Super Healthy Green Smoothie and Juice Cleanse

If you’re considering a cleanse this fall, forego the online delivery of juice and keep it local at JUSTFOOD in Chester. I’m a huge fan of their organic juice and raw chocolate bar in Chester, and now you can stock up for a three day cleanse in one visit. Owner Lisa Sobolewskimakes “cold-pressed juice”  and is, apparently, the only juice bar on the Shoreline to offer it. Through a complete nutrient extraction and low oxidation process, her juice is nutritionally superior and more flavorful (the watermelon juice is heavenly!). Pick up everything you need at the juice bar inside the Local Beet for your cleanse: 96 ounces per day of organic juice, custom blended cleansing teas and a calcium bentonite clay facial mask.  According to Lisa, the benefits of juicing for a few days are many, including improved digestive function, a recharged metabolism and immune system, a clearer complexion and, of course, you’ll drop a few pounds, too. It ain’t cheap, but if you’ve ever made juice, you know the enormous quantity of organic produce that gets churned up for a glass, hence the $250 price tag. I asked Lisa for her healthiest recipe for an easy smoothie to make at home.
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From JUSTFOOD organic juice and raw chocolate bar

Visit JUSTFOOD for fresh and cold-pressed vegetable and fruit juices, gourmet smoothies, handmade raw chocolate bars and a rotating selection of savory raw food.

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