April 7, 2014
Newsletters / Be a Beauty! 4/2/14

Be a Beauty! 4/2/14

One of the funniest comments I ever received upon meeting a reader was, “Wow, I thought you were young and blonde!” Hey, gotta love honesty! Here’s the kicker: until I glance in the mirror, I feel young, too! But on the rare occasion that I take a close-up look (thank God for my diminishing eyesight), I’m always surprised by the middle-aged woman peering back at me. It used to be that I could get away with a slapdash attitude toward makeup and upkeep. These days, I need to spend a little more time putting my best face forward. And this endless winter wreaked havoc on mind and body. After a healthy and exciting January, starting with a couple of days at Canyon Ranch and ending with The Insane Insidewalk Sale, February was grim. Too many snowed in days left me puffy, crusty and sad. My lethargy continued through March. Now it’s high time to get up, dust myself off and get back to happy, healthy living. Or at least slim down enough to squeeze into a pretty dress for my daughter’s graduation! If you need a little tweak too, I’ve sought the advice of some local experts so we’ll all be beauties, come summer.
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