April 18, 2014
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Handcrafted Lampshades at Shandells, Ivoryton

Lampshades are tough. It’s hard to know what shape suits a lamp (Drum? Modified Bell? Retro Oval?) and even harder to find ones that match your decor. Me, I avoid the decision process altogether and go with standard white. But I’m boring, and you shouldn’t be, now that Shandell’s is in town. Owner Susan Schneider is a whiz at shades. You’ll find her in her sprawling studio in Ivoryton, handcrafting glorious shades in all shapes and sizes from vintage wallpaper, seagrass, old maps and antique fabrics. She trolls flea markets for unusual bases and hunts down bits and bobs that she fashions into fantastic finials. But that’s not all: she’ll turn a found treasure into an unusual lamp, rewire your family heirloom and even come to your house to doctor your lighting. Also on offer are a selection of handmade tissue boxes, wastebaskets and matchboxes trimmed in copper. It’s all very, very good; Susan is a passionate craftsperson and her shop is a find.
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