March 24, 2015
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All good things on the Shoreline, 3/18/15

I’m terrified to see how my house and grounds fare once all this snow melts, and you probably are, too. We’ll all need an army of roofers and painters and landscapers to put it to rights. People write to me all the time for recommendations, and while I have a trusted bunch that I turn to, they’re mainly here in Lyme. I realize it’s a bit like begging for the name of your babysitter (good for the sitter, maybe not so good for you), but I thought we could share this information with each other. If you know someone that you would heartily recommend, please fill out this survey and I’ll publish the results on the list on April 8th. Click the following link to access the survey and feel free to share the link by email or social media: 
love, erica 
tags: La Foresta, Killingworth, Otto To Go, Beach Bound, Organic Easter Basket Grass, maggies of madison
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