March 7, 2015

Five Ways to Streamline Your Online Life, 10/8/14

“I am soooo busy.”
It used to be when you asked a friend how they were, the answer was usually “fine, thanks, you?”. Nowadays, the innocuous greeting triggers the response above, more often than not. Right? Then the conversation rapidly degrades into a competition; we start one-upping each other over who has more on their plate. Yes, it’s true, we all have a lot to do. Some of us are CRAZY busy, a few of us are INSANE and then there are THE OVERWHELMED. (Did you read the book? I got halfway through and found it too depressing). Gaining control over a few problem areas can help. I’ve been writing the-e-list for seven years and I’ve yet to miss a deadline. I think the ever-looming, unavoidable, weekly press of the SEND button has taught me a little bit about how to stay on top of, well, a lot of stuff. When my to-do list looks daunting, I have my mantra: “somehow it all gets done”. And it always does. Let’s start with your inbox.
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