April 8, 2015
Newsletters / the-e-list, 4/8/15

French Vietnamese, Home Repairs…4/8/15


Hi, I unplugged so thoroughly on vacation that I missed some major news stories. With information coming at us all the time from so many different directions, it’s hard to stay on top of what’s actually going on in the world. I read the New York Times online, but often get distracted by stories like “An Interesting Theory About The Shoe Bubble, Courtesy of Jimmy Choo” (in my “Recommended For You” list!). We watch the 6:30 news with Brian Williams, but now without Brian Williams, it’s just not the same. Recently I wrote about The Skimm, a daily news email geared to young’ uns, but if you like your headlines in a soundbite, here’s one for us grownups:

love, erica 
p.s. Hope you got a chance to see our new Mystic Town Guide. We’ll be launching a new Town Guide of our favorite 15 shops and restaurants every month or soEasy to read on any device, or download and print it out, we hope you find them useful in discovering the best of the Shoreline! 
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