April 7, 2015
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The Good Elephant (Bon Voi), Chester


There are some nights when you hope nobody is watching you eat. And this was one of them. Three girlfriends and I crept up the stairs to the cozy garret that is the new Bon Voi, upstairs at L&E. We were so excited by the French Vietnamese menu, we went a wee bit overboard. First we ordered everything with “crispy” in the description: crispy spicy chicken wings with a chili lime hoisin glaze and crispy scallion rice cake with peeky-toe crab. We added some fresh vegetable spring rolls and a Chinese cabbage salad with shreds of daikon radish because we felt guilty. And that was just for appetizers. For dinner we chowed on sticky, spicy, falling-off-the-bone ribs with sweet potato chips (pictured), an absolutely ridiculous meatball Ban Mi, perfect pan-fried red snapper and a surprisingly addictive vegetarian crepe. Oh, the flavors: spicy, sweet, with hints of lemongrass, cilantro and limeWe finished up with a coconut milkshake with bruleed sugar bits and shreds of fresh coconut that gave the concoction a pleasant chew. An over-the-top food fest and we can’t wait to go back. Prices are reasonable: $16 – $27 for entrees, but it’s easy to make a meal out of the starters, too.







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