June 23, 2015
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Shoreline Treat at Dough on Main

If you can resist the cookies at Simon’s, head back through Deep River for a stop at Dough on Main. We’re fans of their fresh housemade pastas, sauces and take-out but somehow we’ve passed on dessert. Big mistake. When I asked readers for their favorite treats on the Shoreline, this flourless chocolate cake got a shout out. Eaten cold, it’s deliciously dense and fudgy, and after an hour or so in the car, it was a warm and fluffy mouthful; a stellar version of this classic cake. Their bakery case holds plenty of other interesting delicacies like Hummingbird Cake (pineapple, banana and pecans) and Bakewell Tart, an almond and raspberry treat with English origins. Don’t pass up the award winning chocolate peanut butter mousse bars or triple ginger cookies, either. Absolutely everything here is made from scratch.
Good to know: purchase by the slice (3.95) or order a whole cake ($29) 48 hours in advance.  
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