June 23, 2015
Newsletters / the-e-list, 6/17/15

the-e-list, 6/17/15

Father’s Day 2015
I am my mother’s daughter. I look like her, dress like her, and (oh, no!) act like her. And I don’t resemble my father, which has led to some rather disturbing family jokes over the years. This pigeonholing formed me. I insist on white walls and a neutral wardrobe, read the New Yorker every week, play a demonic game of Scrabble. Just like her. Unwittingly, I ignored that part of me that was pure dad. Not until I was firmly entrenched in adulthood, did I realize that I take after him more than I thought. We’re early risers and workaholics. We throw ambitious events, matchmake, and schmooze with abandon. And while he’s an artist and I most certainly am not, we both spend a good part of our day creating something out of nothing. I am, in fact, his daughter, too.
Happy Father’s Day to daddies everywhere.
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