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Chrysalis Psychotherapy Center, located in Hadlyme Four Corners, opened in 1982 to provide quality psychotherapy at affordable costs. Today that mission is still the mainstay of the practice.

Deborah Mandel, LPC, psychotherapist and owner of Chrysalis, provides psychotherapy for individuals dealing with depression, anxiety, life changes and addictions, as well as couples counseling. She works with older adolescents and adults.

Deborah has been extensively trained in the field of trauma, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, dissociative disorders, grief and loss, death and dying. Deborah is also a trained hypnotherapist and uses therapeutic hypnosis for a wide range of issues including: anxiety reduction, general relaxation, blood pressure, smoking cessation, over-eating, pre-surgery preparation, trauma resolution and other life issues.

Deborah is supported in her therapy work by Ranger, a Black Lab/Australian Cattle Dog mix. Rescued from the pound at 10 months, Ranger is a valuable member of the therapeutic team. His uncanny ability to offer love, support, licks and laughs at times of need can offer a powerful antidote to sadness and pain. He is also a good mediator for adolescents who can find therapy a challenging process. He is happy to stay home if anyone is either uncomfortable with, or allergic to, dogs.

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