September 23, 2009
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Miya’s Sushi


If the Shoreline had a Top Chef, Bun Lai would be a serious contender. According to him, he uses sushi as a medium to express ideas about other cultures. With that in mind, try these unconventional rolls: the Mitzvah: wild salmon, brie and avocado or the Dr. Zhivago: shrimp tempura, seaweed and avocado, fried whole. Kooky sake cocktails are part of the Miya experience: Emerald Witches Lips, a wild pinecone sake in, yes, a ghastly shade of green or fiery housemade Firecracker Sake (pictured) Down a Sake Bomb: a shot of Firecracker Sake dropped in an iced mug of Schaeffer beer. Yikes! Haven’t had this much fun since college. Pictured is my fantastic veggie sushi plate. Ten course sushi tasting on Wednesday nights  for an unbeatable $35.75.

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Miya Sushi

68 Howe Street
New Haven, Connecticut 06422


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