January 6, 2010
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Y-Wellness Life Coach

I’m the girl with one eyebrow raised when someone mentions life coaching. What exactly do they do and how did they learn to do it?   When I met Yvette McIntire (maybe it was the southern accent or her enviable serenity) I thought–why not? Let’s give coaching a whirl, less of a commitment than therapy! Most of us have a few “issues” that we grapple with, um, daily. I’m a practical girl and I like practical advice. How to say no (pleasantly) for example, seems easy enough for most people, so why can’t I do it? This is the sort of thing I discussed with Yvette and, remarkably, she presented me with some actionable tools. If you have an issue or two that you’re struggling with, a few sessions with Yvette may bring some clarity to your life.
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