March 10, 2010
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Snap Fitness

A DIY gym? What next? This new franchised club is open 24/7, and although it has staffed hours, think of it as your own personal workout room. I showed up at 7:30 a.m. with key in hand and had the club to myself. After I got over the unnerving aspect of working out solo in a strip mall, I enjoyed it and broke all the rules of my regular gym: sang along to my iPod and chatted on my cell with my sis. I hope the five video cameras that recorded my every move don’t have audio. Downside? No frills: no showers, no towels, no magazines. Otherwise Snap Fitness delivers exactly what they promise: a fast, convenient and cheap workout (and the only seated elliptical I’ve ever seen). $34.95 a month, no minimum commitment. Stop in and try it for a week for free ($20 key fee is applied to your membership if you decide to join). Now open in Old Lyme, opening in Essex in two weeks.

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Snap Fitness

54 Halls Road
Old Lyme, Connecticut 06371


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