May 19, 2010
Fun / Charitable / Symphony in the Meadows

Symphony in the Meadows

High Hopes Therapeutic Riding
Winters in Lyme are cozy and gorgeous, but by now I’m desperate to get outdoors. Here’s an idea for an evening under the stars for a worthy cause: get tickets for Symphony in the Meadows, High Hopes bi-annual extravaganza. After drinks, dinner and a silent auction, plotz on the lawn and enjoy the Eastern Connecticut Symphony Orchestra on the lovely grounds of Hayden’s Point in Essex. High Hopes aims to improve the lives of people with cognitive, physical and emotional disabilities through the benefits of therapeutic horseback riding. A dreamy night for a fantastic local organization. For more information and
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From High Hopes Therapeutic Riding, Inc

High Hopes offers unconditional acceptance and provides a safe, welcoming environment while working with teachers, parents, caregivers, therapists and other health professionals to improve the lives of people with disabilities.

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