September 1, 2010
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Taco Pacifico

Parked at Dino’s Auto Spa
The food truck phenomenon is blossoming on the Shoreline and I, for one, am loving it. Greg Sharon, owner of Taco Pacifico, dishes up fresh tacos, enchiladas and burritos six days a week from his truck parked at Dino’s. I gorged myself on a large sack of fresh-from-the-fryer hot tortilla chips and chunky homemade salsa while waiting for my order: a trio of carne asada, pork and veggie tacos stuffed into soft corn shells and topped with your choice of Greg’s own mild to high-burn hot sauce. Three tacos (chips and salsa included) was a measly $5.95. Why would you ever bother with fast food? Fresh and yummy. Tuesday through Sunday, 11:30 – 7 pm. Call ahead for large orders: 888.789.TACO. Oh, and Greg caters, too.
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Taco Pacifico

50 Mungertown Road
Madison, Connecticut 06443

1-888-789-TACO (8226)

From Taco Pacifico

We operate a taco trailer along the Connecticut Shoreline,serving freshly prepared, California-style Mexican food.

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