March 16, 2011
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Ashleigh’s Garden

I’ve met my match in Alison Sloane. She’s as opinionated as I am. Considering Baby’s Breath? Go elsewhere. And she counsels her brides that a centerpiece shouldn’t have to cost more than $50. She’s the Shoreline’s only greenflorist: her roses are sustainably farmed, using insects instead of pesticides to produce perfect blooms. With two degrees in fine art and a background in Dutch floral design (no foam for her), her full-blown arrangements are masterful.
Word of mouth and a hopeless devotion to her brides keeps her wedding business booked well in advance. But flowers are not the only reason to pay Ashleigh’s a visit. A roomful of laugh-out-loud greeting cards, a small but interesting selection of antiques and, as far as I know, the ONLY place to find Harbor Sweets fantastic chocolates from Salem, MA. Alison recues parrots, too, and twenty or so provide some amusing background chirping to your flower browsing. This place is worth a visit.
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Ashleigh’s Garden

500 Main Street
Deep River, Connecticut 06417


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