April 6, 2011
Fun / Charitable / H2ope


The global clean water supply is stressed due to over-population, climate change and pollution. A local Madison mom, Ruthanna Terreri, hopes to do something about it. Her non-profit, h2ope, is a socially-concious company with one product (so far): a recycled and (thanks to new technological developments) biodegradable bottle of spring water that donates 100% of profits from its sales to charities that provide clean water to communities that need it.
There are 153 million bottled water drinkers in the US, who spend $20 billion dollars a year on bottled water. Ruthanna’s hope is to capture a piece of that market and turn their reliance on bottled water into a good deed everytime they reach for a bottle. Look for h2ope water online and in local stores at the end of this month. This grassroots startup needs all the help it can get. Donate or volunteer and spread the h2ope by clicking the link below.
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