April 13, 2011

The Organized Lifestyle Store

Collections are troubling. I have an entire box of miniature ceramic vases that I’ve paid movers to haul from one basement to another–TWICE! Yet, the box has remained unopened for 12 years. I simply can’t get rid of them. My current collecting is limited to black pants, books and magazines (the latter two, fast becoming extinct, may actually be worth something one day! I still bemoan all the Gourmet and Domino mags I blithely tossed. Not gonna happen with my stacks of Elle Decor.
Myriad bookshelves solve the paper problem, but this slim hanger is the answer to my problem with pants. It’s a genius invention–half the size of a regular hanger, you can stuff your closet with twice as much and the felted coating keeps sweaters and camisoles from sliding to the floor. I turned to Kristen Mastromarino, owner of the Organized Lifestyle Store, for her Five Favorite Organizational Helpers and this was one of them. 
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The Organized Lifestyle Store

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