May 18, 2011
Fun / Charitable / Pub Quiz Night

Pub Quiz Night at The Hot Air Club

The Hot Air Club at the Florence Griswold Museum is named after the free-spirited Lyme artists who in Bohemian fashion, in a shocking move at the time, removed their jackets to dine outside. Four to six “out of the box” Hot Air Club events are planned every year and if you’ve yet to participate (no membership required), this could be the one for you. At last year’s Pub Quiz, the competitive spirit was high (literally; fueled by small batch brews and hard cider) and teams of competitors vyed for the win. My husband is the nerdy sort who shouts the answers to Jeopardy at the TV (and annoyingly gets them right), so this is right up his alley. Me? Not so much; but it was a hilarious evening, nonetheless. Enjoy hot dogs with gourmet toppings, truffle oil popcorn and prizes at this year’s event, Friday, May 20th at 6:30 pm. Tickets $30 members and $35 non-members (includes food and drink).
p.s. Mark your calendars, the delightful Cafe Flo reopens on June 10th!
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From Florence Griswold Museum

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Cafe Flo at The Florence Griswold Museum

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From Cafe Flo at The Florence Griswold Museum

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Cafe Flo at The Florence Griswold Museum »

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