August 10, 2011
Eat / foodie / Butter Up Gourmet Butters

Butter Up Gourmet Butters

My husband could live on a diet of anchovies, garlic and hot sauce. He may be odd, but he’s not alone. The folks at Butter Up Gourmet Butter share his taste. Picking up a container of anchovy garlic butter (with a hint of spice and a squeeze of lemon) was a no-brainer. While I can think of a multitude of uses for Ali’s compound butters (made from local farmstead butter and fresh ingredients), we slathered the anchovy butter on chunks of Howard’s famous bread. Popcorn, yes! Corn, weird! Noodles, genius! Heading back to the farm for Balsamic Reduction and French Herb. Find Butter Up at The Lyme Farmer’s Market.
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