August 22, 2011
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Michael’s Rose Sangria


At the French 75 Bar or in the dining room at Restaurant L&E, I like to order bartender Michael’s summery, and not too sweet, version of rose sangria. He shared the recipe:

Partially fill a wine glass with ice, add:

a squirt of simple syrup

a squirt of lemon juice

a shot of orange juice

1/2 shot of St. Germain

1/2 shot of Chambord

5 oz. rose wine

top with soda and a slice of orange. Enjoy!

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From Restaurant L&E, French 75 Bar

Restaurant L&E is Linda and Everett Reid’s third restaurant venture together. They have been partners since 1985 when they opened American Seasons Restaurant on Nantucket Island, where their innovative menu captured the attention of national press.

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