October 26, 2011
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Plan B Burger Bar


If not for bacon, the satisfying snap of the first bite of a hot dog (see below), and an occasional hamburger, I could easily eschew red meat (but not nitrates, apparently, yeeesh). I had that perfect burger last week at Plan B in West Hartford. While it’s a regional chain, it has the feel of your local burger joint, including the lazy Saturday lunch line out the door. The sheer size of the burgers scared us off, so my daughter and I shared three perfect sliders on knotted rolls, an order of sweet potato fries, and – what’s better? – tater tots! The side wedge salad (yes, more bacon, please) was large for it’s price and they’re known for their list of craft beers and bourbon (?). But it’s that handmade, grass-fed burger that has the college set crowding in for morning-after sustenance. Remember?

Tags: Burger Bar, West Hartford, Casual, Family, Sliders

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