November 14, 2011
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Ekonk Hill

I hoard November food magazines from year to year and there’s nothing I like better than to plotz on the couch and spend a Sunday flipping through them for inspiration. Miso marinated turkey? Celery root puree?  But here’s the thing: I may change up the Brussels Sprouts, but we pretty much stick to the same menu every year: roast turkey (no honey, no maple syrup, no pomegranate glaze for us), my husband’s ridiculously delicious Challah stuffing (click here for the recipe), sweet potatoes (personally, I love the marshmallow topped version but my family fiinds it gross, so it’s brown sugar and pecans), mashed of course, and my daughter’s incredible cornmeal pumpkin cake that’s as good for breakfast as dessert (from Fine Cooking, here’s the recipe). But every year, I toy with the idea of take-out. Days of shopping, cooking, cleaning seems hardly worth it for a dinner that lasts half an hour. If you’re overwhelmed by the big meal, click here for a list of some of the best Thanksgiving takeout on the Shoreline.
p.s. Looking for a local turkey? Here’s the flock at Ekonk Hill; all natural, no growth stimulants and humanely processed on the farm.
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