December 7, 2011
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My husband keeps telling me not to buy him anything for Christmas. I guess that means he’s got enough striped socks and bowties to last him for the foreseeable future. He’s impossible to buy for (aren’t they all??). But I think I’ve found just the thing: a handmade axe by Swedish company, Gransfors Bruks. They’re quite lovely, as axes go. And most men around here spend a bit of time splitting firewood. These heirloom axes are hand-forged with a carved American Hickory handle and the forgers initials branded into the head. If your guy isn’t savvy with an axe, they even come with a useful little Axe Book, which describes proper techniques for splitting, stacking and throwing (?).  A gift the receiver won’t soon forget, they run $111 for a small version to $175 for the heftiest.

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