February 1, 2012

Big Kids’ Room at Stay & Play


My husband  and I were on the fence for years about having a second child and ultimately decided to stick with our one and “only”. My dad had the most compelling argument for having more. He cautioned that, without a built-in playmate, we would have to entertain her 24/7. He was right. While I cheerfully read, drew and made friendship bracelets with my daughter for endless hours (stuff I liked to do), I couldn’t feign interest in Barbie dolls and Polly Pockets (stuff she liked to do). In the days before Stay and Play, we roamed the Shoreline looking for ways to keep her amused.

She loved the “grocery store” at the Children’s Museum and we spent many a Sunday making art in the Education Center at the Flo Gris. But the pre-tween years were particularly problematic. You can only see Princess Bride or go bumper bowling so many times. Parents of pre and tweens need not despair. Stay and Play has opened a game room for 6 – 12 year olds, furnished with all manner of interactive games (no video here, the kids actually have to play with EACH OTHER).

They’ve filled a mammoth space with foos ball, air hockey, shuffleboard, bumper pool and ski ball and are open every afternoon and all day weekends and vacation days. Added bonus for A.D.D. parents like me? Free wifi, coffee and healthy snacks are available. Find out more about hours, specials and parties at

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