April 4, 2012
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Weekend Kitchen

You cannot rush through Weekend Kitchen, or you’ll miss all manner of lovely trinket or vintage salt cellar hidden amongst the Staub, Reidel and Emile Henry. This visit, I fell for their assortment of cleaning brushes from Burstenhaus Redecker made from sustainable wood and ethically sourced fibers: Chinese goat hair for pianos and what-nots, classic feather dusters, sculptural bottle brushes and an assortment of organic cleaning products.
In my mother’s house, spring cleaning was a week-long endeavor that included all of us: carpets and curtains were sent out for cleaning and storage until Fall, floors and windows scrubbed, every closet and shelf emptied, dusted and refilled with fresh linens and spring clothing. While I still have the urge (but not the stamina), Weekend Kitchen’s cache of cleaning supplies might do the trick. It seems that the Kitchen’s motto could be that the most mundane object, done well, has beauty in it. And then I spied these eggs. Hand-painted in the style of classic European Easter eggs, they’re created by a 90-year-old grandmother from Mystic. From $1 to $4.50 a piece. A find.
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