September 19, 2012
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Wee Faerie Village


Once upon a time, the elves at The Florence Griswold Museum had a brilliant idea. “Let’s invite artists to create fantastical fairy houses and strew them on the grounds of the museum,” they mused. Little did they know that fairies, not unlike cupcakes, are irresistible to children and adults alike; families from far and wide flocked to the museum to visit the miniature abodes nestled in the woodlands.

The people of Connecticut have waited patiently for the fairy houses to return and once again, this October, the gardens of the Flo Gris will be transformed into a vast fairy village. Fairy dress and wings are encouraged at the Wee Faerie Parade on October 8th, the Tinker Bell Tea Party on October 13th and CT Ballet Performance on the 14th. The Museum shop will be stocked with all things fairy and fairy craft workshops will be held every Sunday. It’s FREE for the under 12 set. October 5th through November 5th. Check the website for tickets to special events. And everyone lived happily ever after.

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