January 30, 2013
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Chamard Bistro


When I had a “real” job, lunch out was enough of a breather to get back to serious toil in the afternoon. Nowadays, I spend more than enough time at home in front of my computer screen, so a midday break can be a mini vacation. And even more so, when one finds oneself at the new Chamard Bistro, gazing out at the neat rows of grapevines and making believe it’s Napa Valley, not Clinton, CT.

Next time you’re scouring the outlets, stop at Chamard. The menu is classic bistro: gooey french onion soup, a tangy Cato Corner seven cheese macaroni, burgers and steak frites from Four Mile River Farm, a fresh and colorful bibb salad with baby beets. All quite yummy and best enjoyed with a glass of Stone Cold White (just $15 per bottle and take the rest home). Dinner in the airy room is quite nice, too, but you’ll have to wait for daylight savings to appreciate the view.


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Chamard Vineyards

15 Cowhill Road
Clinton, Connecticut 06413


From Chamard Vineyards

Chamard Vineyards is dedicated to producing fine wines from classic European wine grapes. The vineyards spread across 40 acres of gently sloping fields along the southern Connecticut coast, just two miles from Long Island Sound.

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