March 27, 2013
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For 10 years or so, my husband and I threw a massive Easter egg hunt and I’m pining for the delighted faces of my daughter and her friends who, within a frenzied 15 minutes, would snatch up 1000 (I kid you not) eggs. In the days before the hunt, friends would drop off hundreds of filled eggs and the morning of, while I was frantically making vats of mac and cheese and biscuits to accompany a giant ham, my husband would spend hours hiding eggs. Easter turned out to be this Jewish girl’s favorite holiday.

Sadly, those days are over; my 18-year-old daughter is more easily bribed with car keys than Cadbury eggs. We never made it to dessert after the shindig; occasionally I’d make my signature afterthought: a purchased angel food cake that I’d split in half and fill with strawberries and whipped cream. Now that I no longer prepare brunch for 50, I’m thinking about something a little more elegant and a lot more colorful. Our very own (and world-renowned) baker, Dorie Greenspan, suggests a palette of Parisian macarons. Just the ticket for Easter. Click here for the recipe.

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