April 10, 2013
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Hair at The Garde

Sunday, 4/28, 6:45pm
The first time I saw Hair, I was eleven years old and I remember exactly what I wore: brown wide wale corduroy bellbottoms, a silky blouse with a floppy collar and a long brown knit vest, tied rakishly at the waist. It was a decent stab at hippy garb. My sister and I sang along to Age of Aquarius and Good Morning Starshine (giddy gloop gloopy, nibby nobby nooby) and loved every minute of it. Until the nude scene. We sat in mortified silence. When we saw it on Broadway with my teenage daughter, thirty something years later, we climbed on stage to join the final dancing scene, as my daughter sat in mortified silence. Still not sure if it was the nude scene or the site of her mother dancing with abandon, but no matter, I’m going BACK and I hope you’ll join me! Let’s meet at The Garde at 6:45 for cocktails (cash bar), refreshments (I’ll provide) and we’ll see the 7:30 show. Call the box office for your tickets and use code “e-list” to take 10% off.  860.444.7373. Hope to see you there! 
p.s. you might be interested in this event at The Garde, too: Get Real, Wise Women Speak, this Thursday.
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