April 3, 2013
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Jia Mei Asian Kitchen


Now I know: Yakitori Shrimp are fried, not grilled. But far be it from me to turn them away and, boy, was I glad I didn’t. Lightly battered, served with a trio of sauces (sweet chili, mustard and soy), a crispy spring roll and rice, I gobbled them up without a shred of guilt. An unintentional order of fried food doesn’t count, right? Regardless, Madisonites will be thrilled to have the new Jia Mei Asian Kitchen in their midst, with a menu of locally sourced ingredients and fresh presentations of classic Chinese dishes. You’ll find a sweet staff and cute eat-in or take-out on the corner of Bradley and Wall.

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From Jia Mei Asian Kitchen

Jia Mei means Good Food in Mandarin and that is exactly what we give you. We source the freshest ingredientslocally and include the finest poultry, seafood and meats.

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