June 5, 2013
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Neeman Tools


By Haldan Block of Erik Block Design Build

We are in constant pursuit of the best tools for the job. Some are high tech, but if you want a tool of the highest quality, made before the age of technology, look no further.  At John Neeman Tool Company,  knowledge of traditional tool making has been passed down through generations. Despite modern technology and world exposure through their website, they mean to keep their company small.

Their site is merely a connection to a small blacksmithing shop in the woods of Latvia. You can order the tools online through the current limited selection available, or you can join the waiting list for exactly what you want. A single viewing of their “birth of a tool” documentary of the knife-making process will have you hooked. It will leave you thinking that even though these tools are expensive, they’re a bargain for the craftsmanship put into them.

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