October 23, 2013
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By Amy Lee, Guest Writer

Jennifer Kuehn, the owner of Shred, is a former Cross Fit champ. She can clean and jerk with the best of them. But you don’t need to read that to know it, as one look at the statuesque trainer says a thousand words. This girl knows her stuff. But in addition to the raw expertise she brings to the gym, she also pours all of the energy and love she has for beautifying bodies into to each and every class. And that’s evident from the moment you enter her stylized industrially chic space.

In addition to the tools of her trade–a bar system to house the TRX, bikes for spinning, weights for lifting and kettle bells for thrusting–are her personal touches like a giant silver chandelier that signal to all those who enter that this is a different sort of gym. The gym is aptly named as one hour in either a TRX or spin class and you’re guaranteed to shred calories. A couple of months: you’ll shred sizes. Both options offer plenty of choices for those just getting back to working out, or for those who want to take their fitness to a new level.

Classes: TRX, Spin & Strength

Schedule: Ample options for early birds and the gotta-get-the-kids-off-to-school set; Open gym at noon

Atmosphere: Garage Glam; clean, organized, inspiring

Price: One month unlimited: $175; 10 class punch cards $150; drop in rate: $20

Extras: Parties, Group Bike Rides, nutritional/diet challenges, kids classes

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