December 18, 2013
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It’s easy to see why Shoreliners flock to The Bowerbird for gifts: a babydoll for your niece, Alex and Ani for your teen, tons of kitchen gadgets for the hostess, a jigsaw puzzle for Christmas day, an unparalleled stock of cocktail napkins, but that’s not all! I found something I have NEVER SEEN BEFORE (believe me when I say that’s not easy!):  Molecular Gastronomy kits that turn your food or drink into something, well, else! I snapped up the Cosmo Kit, and set unsuspecting dinner party guests to work on the “Encapsulated Cosmo”. This was meant to be a little ball of cosmopolitan, served in a spoon. My good-natured guests complied, while my daughter accused me of making jello shots. While they didn’t come out exactly as pictured, they were close, and most of us were delighted. I have yet to make the “cranberry foam” or “citrus caviar”, so don’t be surprised if you’re put to the task if you’re over for dinner. Cosmo, mojito, margarita and food kits available from $29.95.


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