February 10, 2014
Eat / foodie / Fondue!


My good friend, Becca, is a master at fondue (she’s half Swiss so that explains it), and once a year or so we get invited over for a batch. There is nothing quite as convivial and indulgent as dipping chunks of homemade bread into bubbling cheese and chasing it down with a shot of kirsch. Fondue is, in a word, fun. She didn’t invite me this year, so I’m thinking of getting my own set and starting a new family tradition. The place to buy a fondue pot is The Cheese Shop of Centerbrook, so I headed over for some research. Paul has stocked his shop with all manner of sets from mini to massive. He’s a font of fondue knowledge, too, and will hook you up with just the right one (some work best with cheese, others with meat). With a little advance notice, he’ll even grate a pile of his favorite cheese mix and you’ll be all set for your own fondue party! I couldn’t resist this perfect Valentine’s gift: a mini pot ($10) and a bar of Toblerone. Melt it with a little cream and you’ve got chocolate fondue for two.
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