March 15, 2014

Three Sons Custom Closets


You probably already know that I’m a bit of a neat freak, but not so much when it comes to what’s behind closed doors. Except for my husband’s closet. It drives me crazy. He’s got two of them actually, one packed to the gills, mainly with clothes he no longer wears and the other, a mass of dress shirts and riding jerseys (the guy spends all of his extra time in the saddle). In a fit of organizational despair, I called Joe of Three Sons Custom Closets in Killingworth, to make sense of the mess. Joe designed the space to suit my husband’s (ok, MY) requirements and returned in a week or so to install. (AND, he ripped out the original fixtures and patched up the walls!). The result? Two tiers of rods for shirts, a neat column of shoe and sweater shelving and a series of baskets for all those biking jerseys and paraphernalia. The biggest upside? Plenty of empty space that I know he’ll use for future biking purchases (there are worse hobbies). Similar systems from California Closet cost about 30% more and, even better, Joe is offering 20% off a closet installation for e-list readers until 4/30.

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