May 20, 2014

Dining Solo at Elizabeth’s Cafe


Ogling wine and cheese at Madison Wine Shop (and having skipped lunch) left me ravenous. My husband was due home late and I was happily off kitchen duty. I decided to treat myself to an early dinner. Eating alone was standard in my last working girl life, but not so much anymore. The thought of it left me a little anxious. But, lucky for me, Elizabeth’s homey dining room was just down the block. Always cozy with efficient service and lovely menu, it was the perfect choice. Oh, and I wasn’t the ONLY one supping solo. I downed a delish dish of seared tilapia with lemony caper sauce, served on a mound of garlicky mashed potatoes. It was a feat of willpower to avoid grabbing a giant cupcake on the way out, but I managed. I love Elizabeth’s Cafe for lunch, and don’t get to Madison often for dinner, but I’ll be back soon. Here’s the dinner menu. 

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