May 20, 2014

Mar. Floral and Botanicals


Strange but true, I’ve never purchased a potted plant. Unfortunately, I didn’t inherit my mother’s or grandmother’s green thumb. My mom, who couldn’t imagine a house without plants, dropped me off at college and raced out to fill my hideous cement block room with greenery. I killed the dracaena and dieffenbachia well before Thanksgiving and never got over the trauma. But recently I’ve noticed the fiddle feaf fig. Seems like every shelter magazine or decorating blog has one of these sculptural beauties in the corner of a room. After a little research revealed they’re hard to kill, I knew this was the plant for me. The other day, I stopped in at Mar. Floral and Botanicals, a new florist in Old Saybrook. And, there, among the vast quantities of French tulips, fat peonies and exotic orchids, was a fiddle leaf. I imagined mine a little larger, so owner, Marlee ordered one up for me. Flowers and plants come in and out of fashion too, and the 23-year old who owns this shop, gets it. Dramatic branches of cherry and dogwood share space with delicate ranunculus and sturdy protea. Marlee likes big statements and massed blooms and you will, too, as her assortment is better than most Shoreline florists. Plus, we love to see an entrepreneurial streak in a young woman, so I hope you stop by for your own bouquet, bunch or fiddle leaf, soon. Mar. Floral on facebook 

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