January 13, 2015
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Biologic+, Cold-pressed Juices, Stonington

While I’ll never do a five-day cleanse again (yup, torture), a one-to- three day bout of juice can be just what the doctor ordered, especially after the debauchery of December. And, perfect timing, there’s a new game in town. Biologic+ just opened their doors in the oh-so-happening Velvet Mill in Stonington (also home to Zest Fresh PastryBeer’d Brewing Company and the Stonington Winter Farmer’s Market). I gave their one-day cleanse a go, after an over-the-top weekend of eating and drinking in New Orleans (much, much more on that later) and it was a perfect NOLA antidote to get me back on track. Six nutritionally dense, cold-pressed juices from raw, organic ingredients arrived on my door step. My cleanse was “active”, and included some solid raw food that was surprisingly good. The collard wraps filled with veggies and chia pudding gave me a boost when my energy flagged and the sweet beet and carrot juice, plus a cashew and date smoothie tempered the three green juices I knocked back (never been a big fan). Choose Guru (just juice), Novice (a little raw food) or Active (more food), or stop in the shop to grab a juice on the fly. Biologic+ offers delivery within a 10 mile radius or guaranteed overnight shipping. Take 10% off any cleanse with code ELIST10 thru 2/14/15. Limited to the first 50 people. More info:
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