May 5, 2015
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bartaco, West Hartford


My first trip to bartaco (they don’t capitalize it, so I won’t either) was on one of this winter’s many drab and frigid days. But the moment we walked in the door, it felt like Montauk in August. Happy, buzzy and (oh, yes), yummy! Start with the spicy, skinny margarita, then taco ‘bout delicious. Thirteen different options are on offer, ranging from Baja Fish to Cauliflower to Wild Boar ($2.50-$3.50 a pop). Each is served atop a double corn or flour tortilla and garnished simply with one or two select condiments. Do not skip the grilled corn side, killer guac or tamales. (Rice bowls with taco toppings are an excellent option, too). We gleefully had it all! Each taco is only a three bite endeavor, so like us, you’ll want to order several. Our favorites? The pickled onions on pork belly and the sweet and salty duck mashup. Write your own order on the nifty clipboard and the lot is served up family style. We finished off with an obligatory churro with chocolate sauce that was every bit as good as the ones I’ve had South of the border.

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