July 7, 2015
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Izzle’s Smoothie Bar, Madison


Here’s a smart summer pop-up! Like many teens, sixteen year old Isabel Chobor had trouble drumming up a summer job. She (with a little help from her parents) had the genius notion to rent the empty Sweet Smyles Frozen Yogurt storefront in Madison, and whip it into a smoothie bar. While frozen yogurt shops have become ubiquitous on the Shoreline (probably leading to the demise of this one), smoothies aren’t as easy to find. Isabelle knew her shop could fill a niche on the Shoreline and offer a healthy alternative to ice cream and a nutritious stop for athletes before or after workouts. A variety of healing, anti-inflammatory and hydrating blends made from fresh organic fruits and veggies (with optional protein mix-ins) are on the menu. Besides filling a void, it’s created a few jobs for other teens, too. Nothing I like better than an enterprising young woman. Isabel, I hope you make BANK this summer!

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