July 7, 2015
Eat / restaurants / Wafflebar, Old Lyme

Wafflebar, Sound View, Old Lyme


Waffles? On the beach? Why not? I’m more likely to go for a lemon ice on a beach day, so I sent e-list intern, Kelly, down to Sound View to check out this new snack stop. She found a Belgian-inspired cafe and a menu of design-your-own waffles, smoothies and sundaes. After taste-testing her way through a salted caramel/whipped cream concoction and Nutella, stawberry and banana mash-up, she declared the crispy treats delish. A perfect brunch or quick afternoon snack, Wafflebar is open 8am to 8pm daily, through October. Cash only.

tags: Wafflebar, Sound View Beach, Old Lyme, waffles, sound view, waffle shack, waffle bar

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