March 6, 2016
New Haven / Eat / Happy Hour at 116 Crown

Happy Hour at 116 Crown

116 crown gin tonic
New Haven


Some anthropologists believe the achievement of harnessing fire fueled the development of human language. The firepit became central to social interaction, creating opportunity for increased communication, then conversation. In New Haven, the glowing onyx bar at 116 Crown has the same effect.


Crown is a hip place known for its smashing cocktails and innovative plates, and their Happy Hour, 5 to 7pm weekdays and all night Thursdays, is a steal. Strong drinks and sizable small plates run between five to seven dollars.


I ordered the Gintonic, made deliciously medicinal with Kina L’Avion D’Or, Fever-Tree tonic water, and house made maraschino cherries. According to my date, the Margarita Noir, which looks a bit like paint water after a watercolor session but “tastes like a wonderfully composed margarita”.  The witch’s brew aesthetic comes from bamboo charcoal, and no, it doesn’t stain your teeth. It does, however, pair quite well with the mild kick and scrumptious crunch of the Spicy Chicken Tacos. We wolfed down the Walden Hill Pork Nachos, a plentiful dish brimming with sumptuously seasoned ground pork, cheddar, chili, onions, sour cream, and light-as-air house made tortilla chips.


By Amanda Bloom
116 crown nachos


116 crown

Margarita Noir

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